Remembering Dr. Berry

Image of Dr. Berry in office setting with phrase - Like Having a Doctor in the Family


Robert was born in 1958 in Morganton, NC, and grew up in Chapel Hill, NC.

He graduated from North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. He received a graduate Diploma in Christian studies from Regent College in Vancouver, BC.  He trained at a top tier residency program in Primary Care Internal Medicine at University of Alabama in Birmingham.

It was in Birmingham that Blair and Robert met and later married. Blair and Robert had two daughters, Margaret and Bekah, who are both registered nurses.

The Berry family moved to Greeneville in 1996, and Robert worked in the ER department of the former Takoma Hospital for several years. He opened PATMOS Emergiclinic in 2001 and was a strong advocate for the fee-for-service model. He later took interest in the Direct Primary Care model, reorganizing his practice as DirectMD Greeneville.

After Dr. Berry passed, the clinic was purchased by Dr. Dustin Clark and his wife Lauren, and continues to operate as Veritas Family Healthcare.

Dr. Berry was loved by his patients, and was a caring and skilled provider that served the community enthusiastically. He is dearly missed and deeply appreciated by all.